Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black Rufflinezz

As I mentioned in my other post about Ruffly Scarves, I have a lot of Lincraft's Elicia yarn at hand (24 colors to be precise ;) So I have a ton of scarfinezz that I can get on.. I made this blackie in a day when it was raining all evening.. I started knitting it at 6:30pm kept telling myself that if I finished it today.. no matter what time of the night I finish it at and the rain/wind/hell outside.. I will still go for a walk.. that would be my reward for completing the scarf.

And I did finish it at about 11ish.. I walked over to Broadway and grabbed 4 tees I'd been eying and walked back sashaying with my new scarf on all the way :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grid Maker App

I don't know if I tooted having gotten a new phone (samsung note3) enough.. but in case I didnt.. here's  super cool output from a cool app I just tried called 'photo grid'. Here're some random images stiched together with some effects applied to a couple of images. It has function to apply effects to borders, individual images, rotate, zoom or crop them, has various layouts.. thats all I checked so far..

Also this is the first time I'm posting from the phone using the Blogger app.. and its not really lettin me do much here.. I dont even know where its going to post the photo so please bear with me. (16-04-2014 7:38 am - modified the post form butchery of the blogger app)

Vampire Skull

I recently got Adobe Photoshop CS6.. soooo excited.. I just made this doodle.. I know it isn't anywhere close to being perfect..... but I couldn't help but share it... oh btw, I did this while I was attending an online ITIL training of CSI :D

The Vampire skull is one of the how-to-draw thingies provided in an app I got that I was super excited about.. totally love the stuff on the app.. loving combining how to draw and how to photoshop :D

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Run, Forest, Run!

The title of the post is also the title of the alarm I've set up so I can go train for the park run.... Its a great line.. unfortunately some days I need more than just it for motivation enough to get out of the cozy duck feather quilt (ugh!!).. and the weather is still pretty warm... its not even begun to be too cold yet.

But today I think I may have found another source of motivation... This was my 4th run today and I beat my PB each time ......annnd I think my pants are a little too big for me now.. they kept trying to slip right off of my rather fleshy tush.. that was well.. somethin'!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Owly Phone Pouch

As you may already know.. I absolutely looovvvvvvee owls.. so that was obviously my first choice of pattern for a phone pouch ...for my new phone!! yayyy I got a new phone btw.. Samsung Note III woohoooo.. I decided to order it on a whim from Kogan one day when I realized I had enough money in my bank account after getting the money for my flight I'd reserved in case I needed to leave the country.. guess I was too used to seeing he balance close to zero and wanted to return it to there so I placed the order.. Another crazy thing I wanted to do was to go and get the costliest plan there was for phones to have unlimited calls and texts even though I don't need it at all.. The day I went to the store in Broadway the asian guy there somehow convinced me that if I only paid a $140 extra over the course of 24 months I could walk away with the phone right now (it wasn;t going to be shipped until 2 weeks from Kogan).. and I thought that was a good deal.. don't ask me how or why :D and I came home swinging my new phone with immense joy.. The is super gorgeous and immediately begged for a cover.. So I began searching for some patterns.

I found this sahweeet pattern on the internet that was free. But being a noob to crocheting I kept telling myself stick to the pattern and DO NOT use your head! and obviously I goofed up.. The pattern doesn't mention how to end a round so I just went in spirals :D

Here's my owly phone pouch.. I know my owl's a bit too tall.. but hey.. so is my phone :D

Now I know you can notice this guy doesn't have wings.. and I notice it too.. I meant for him to have them.. I made one set too.. But like I said.. I got impatient by the time it came to making the wings and fudged up.. and the problem is the same as with the pouch.. because it didn't tell specifically to end a round I just kept going in spirals.. I may end up making proper wings and stiching them up to him.. but for now I will leave him with broken wings...(or none actually)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ruffly scarves

Lincraft had Elicia yarn on sale and I went absolutely loco and bought one skein of every color available and two of cream.. I made one for a friend and I was totally blown away by the reactaion. She really genuinely liked the scarf. She wore it all the while at a Craft and Art Market we were at. She got many compliments for it and was asked how to do it too.. I'm still surprised it was such a hit. Anyway.. without further ado, here's the famous scarf.

I'd made a few of its sparkly sibblings before with Electra yarn:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Night Sketching

I went out last night after it rained quite heavily in the evening. I'd been holed up all day inside (because my shoes were wet from coming home last night in the middle of the pouring rain!) and needed to be out in the nature.

I am so lucky that I live at just about 15 minutes walk from the bay! These are some of the sketches I squiggled last night in pretty dark settings.. What's funny is when I was drawing the tower, my eyes had to focus at a long distance and when I was drawing.. I could tell they were not ready to focus back on my notebook.. It was totally like the slow mo camera focusing effect that just felt dizzying.. but super fun nonetheless!

On the way to the harbor, I stood outside of a art trader shop/gallery and sketched the wooden statue of Buddha lying on his side. I love the art piece I watch it everytime I pass by.. not something I'd buy for my house.. but an intriguing piece of art with a good amount of fabric details. I felt a bit stupid to be standing outside and pulling my notebook out and sketching.. not sure why.. it was late and there weren't really many people.. guess I've gotta overcome my inhibitions and tell myself no one really cares.. unlike back in India where everyone is super curious and sometimes just don't respect other people's boundaries..

Speaking of overly curious people, while I was sitting on a spot I claimed as 'mine' in the harbor, I was approached by a boat-builder (don't know what those people are called). He looked like jesus :D Told me about how the boats worked, what factors determined their speed, how far they could go, etc.. He's rebuilding a boat himself.. I must say.. I was fascinated by what he was doing while he was talking about it.. But now when I think about it.. I don't know why I was fascinated.. I've only been on a boat/ferry for the number of times you can count on one hand... I would like to be on one sometime though.. anyhows..  I went for a long walk with him he showed me the park near the harbor and mentioned that his father was one of the protesters 30 years ago for the walkway around the harbor.

It was a fun night especially because I felt like I created something.. even if a few squiggly sketches.. I remembered my brother doing horrific versions of squiggly sketches which weren't really obvious but he had quite funny interesting stories to tell about what the picture was about..

I guess it's not the end result that counts.. but the process of creating art that does.. If you've had fun.. I'm sure you'll love seeing what you've made and think back to remember the good times you had while goofing around instead of how imperfect the artwork is.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Possum Talk

I was woken up in the middle of the night by loud angry noises that I just had to check out.. It turns out these two supercute brush tailed possums were 'arguing'. One was on the next door neighbor's fence and the other one was on the tree next to the fence. I couldn't get a photo of them because it was so dark ... but now I know what a possum sounds like :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Smurfy Angel Bookmark

I am current'y attending one of Doreen's online seminars, this one's called Assertiveness for Earth Angels. Its my first time ever to attend her seminar. They had a complimentary book that came with the class. I love the book. Its got wonderful cover art and has hard cover.

I wanted to make one of those crocheted bookmarks for a long time.. I think I''d have made a daisy bookmark.. But the book needed a bookmark.. and soon.. so I couldn't keep it on my wishlist of things to make for too long ....annnnd what better figurine to choose than an angel!

Here's a close up of lil Haniel:

I hadn't quite planned on making an angel bookmark.. but just as I was typing my search string "crochet bookmarks free patterns" I kinda wondered if making an angel bookmark would be easy enough... and I this one caught my eye! I made it in the same Smurfs color as the pattern called for.. I like its 'Smurfy' look I guess ;)

I haven't 'blocked' it with a vinegar solution and am not keen on doing it either.. I don't mind its flexible look/feel..

This is the first time I've done something as complex as this and I am quite surprised how easy it was.. The pattern tutorial was esuper easy to follow and its been proven to me one all over again that if I didn't use my head and just followed the pattern blindly without wondering how its turning out to be and just let it take its own shape in its own sweet time, my crocheting would improve greatly.. and that there's no such thing as 'winging it' in crocheting.. if I have to do that.. it just means I've fudged up the end result :D

Thank you Google for bringing this one in top results.. and many many thanks to the sweet angel that made this pattern and tutorial!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artsy Company

More feathery creations.. this one's actually a willow leaf lying on a bench in the Centennial Park. I was there with two really amazing artists I met at a art and wandering meetup. The squiggly thing on the side was some sorta dried up grass sticking to the bench.. I like it.. its versatile.. I can see names of people in it.. what name do you see? ;)

After some fun stories we shared about art techniques our last activity was creating a mandala (I've given a bit of a retro finish to the photo). It a was the most fun meetup I've had with two amazingly talented artists with their own flair and artsy view at things.

Here're some other things I drew that day.. guess doing something without a 2D readymade base (cheating) plus performing in front of pros made me a bit nervous.

And here's a little something I'd drawn to make up a repeating pattern.. I wasn't exactly sure how to do it.. we brainstormed for a while and it was fun.. When we got home I found this fun and simple technique to make a repeating pattern. Its amazing how much you get to learn and the weird pockets in the brain you use that you didn't even know you had!

And these are some other dumbass things I've been posting on FB...


I kinda like the Empress of Darkness a lot.. she bringeth her wrath on the entire 'man'kind..... beats being Coo anytime.. Wondering if I should shift my avatar to be an evil manga girl instead..

I don't really think I'm that wide-eyed, pure, innocent, sweet thing Coo anymore.. and even if I am.. guess I'd like to hide her and keep her protected from all mankind inside the Empress of Darkness exterior..

Don't know what I'm talking about? LOL ....never mind.

----------- Update 15-03-2014 -----------
Damn this was embarrassing.. I didn't realize that the goat horned Empress sorta resembled someone else's FB profile picture... I had to take her down immediately and replace her with Ms. Xorg.. Don't know what the obsession with blue/violet hair is.. I"m a bit weirdo like that. oh and I think that the gas mask is a little too child-sized for her.. but she's kinda frail and tiny anyway.. so hope it works fine for her.. if it doesn't.. there'll be a next picture of her.. all blue (matching her hair) and both eyes lifeless :D

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prince Xot

I just met the hero of my story... Ladies and Gentlemenzzzz  meet Prince Xot:

I was feeling sleepy in this ITIL certification course I'm attending and the trainer was talking about some CI relations or how the problems and incidents can all be categorized or something like that and he drew while he was describing it.. he doodled this:

And that square jawed macho hottie was my source of inspiration for my hero.. Isn't he an epitome of maleness! I think I am in love all over again!

--------Update 06-03-2014 8:05 AM-----------
Here's him again.. this time.. not so flatheaded.. I mean my prince does have a very full forehead that looks so cute when he makes plattie lips and raises his eyebrows. and the bangs! He's such a killer! I hate him so bad!


So as a part of my earlier hunt for avatars post.. Here're some ideas for Coo..

This is Phoenix Coo or PC.

Here, you can see why more people should be pro vaccines.. especially polio.. But this funky legz Coo is just as adorable:


And this is wide-eyed Coo

---------------update 06-03-2014 1:06 am----------------
I had mentally promised that I'll change my blogger profile photo after the poll from the coo, moo or boo post.. But looks like Coo is going to be an uncontested winner.. :)
I've finally given up my borrowed flower photo.. I think I still really like the bright orange petals.. I might do another brighter colored Coo.. All I want to say is I'm glad with the outcome.. thanks snugglezboo :* love you!

Snugglez Rug

I had bought 5 skeins of the 'all-sorts' yarn from Lincraft.. I used a couple of them for the booties.. I really like the yarn and I wanted to make something for the cat.. So I made a crocheted snugglez rug for her.

She liked sitting on it.. But while I was watching some movie.. she got tired of waiting for me to play with her and fell asleep. She's such a bundle of cuteness here!!

She's a Russian blue and as you can see.. a big cat.. And I just got plain lazy and made the rug with just one skein and a little leftovers from the booties so its not as wide as I'd have liked for it to be.. I also wanted to a border for it.. but that sort of got scrapped too.. But I'm sure she holds no judgements.. She came.. she saw.. she claimed :D Of course she has to squeeze herself into the small place and that probably gives her a feeling of being smaller than she is (shushh.. she's a little sensitive to her size)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coo, Mooo or Boo?

I've been thinking about having an avatar for me other than an orange flower.. So far I've come up with 3 candidates....

1. Coo

2. Mooo

3. Boo (short for Bunny Boo)

I might do more of these little fellas soon on a post each for them and leave it as a... voters choice... if you will. ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cat Toy

The Cat that made the guest appearance in my last post about Mr. Moose likes to come to my room every now and then. Now you can obviously see she's got some weight issues.. so I've been trying to get her to play a little.. I bought her a couple of cat toys with a rod on one end and a parrot/mouse on the other with bells and feathery tail and everything that she wasn't the least bit interested in. But she does like playing with an old abandoned shoe lace.. Guess its more life-like than the fake furry toys. The other day she was a heck lot interested in my ear phones with the crocheted cover as I got back home from a walk late in the night. So I thought I'd do something that's a combination of both the shoelace and the ear phones for her to play with:

I'm not sure about how she'll receive it.. Her visits have been a little infrequent since the giant spider that invaded my room scared her (here he is.. lying all dead and curled up.. thanks to my heroics of course!):

Oh that day was a disaster.. first there was this gigantic spider in my room in the night... plus my landlady wanted me to get rid of the wasps nest buzzing with 100+ wasps by spraying it in the night.. After the spider ordeal I told her I'd do it the next day and she was totally insensitive to my palpitating heart and said "What's gonna happen tomorrow".. damn Aussies! I said looking her in the eyeballs.. "I'll do it". No one calls me a chicken! even indirectly!

--------Update 2:00 pm the same day (17/02/2014)---------
Yayyy success! she liked it.. played with it a lot more than she did with the shoe lace.. The disc thingie at her end makes up for a cool thing for her to grab.. and the finger ring thing on my end keeps the string from leaving my hands.. She plays hard with it.. The yarn's synthetic something type so it may last a little longer.. but I can already tell that this yoy's days are short lived.. her nails have already got the bottom part of the toy to fray.. I love it though.. and she loves it too... there may be more of this one coming up ... in more colors.. yayyyy finally a thing I"ve made that;s been put to some good use. :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Dedication to the Mighty Moose

I think the moose is my second most favorite when it comes to doodling (to owls) so here's my dedication to the mighty mammal...

And here's a sly moose with a scarf in the snow holding a mistletoe:

This moose is so happy (I don't think he knows he's about to be exicutioned... Shhhh don't tell him.. I want to preserve that smile!)

Mr. Stalker Moose is waiting for Sandra Ox to take a shower watching her from her bathroom window.. Creepy!!!

I'm not sure what this loco guitarista Moose has composed making him go all dreamy eyed.. hope its not something awkward:

Uh oh.. this is what happens when you have a bean burrito from a drive-by before long winding roads:

My all time fav inspiration.. the winking moose:

And this is baby Robin Moose:

Ever since I"ve got the 24 marker pens I"ve been inspired to try quite a few things and this is what I doodled sitting on the footpath in the night returning home from a movie as I mentioned in my last post:

And this is my creative partner who sleeps most day but peeked from behind her shades to see what I was doing -

Friday, January 31, 2014

Bunny Land

I saw the South Sydney Rabbitohs logo on TV the other day and thought that the cute bunny looked like the map of Australia flipped horizontally.

I tried several attempts.. I used the map of Australia on the chips packet lying next to my PC that looked like a bunny to me..

I don't know if you can see the map of Australia in the bunny... I can... and so I call him BunnyRoo.. and I think I love him! I didn't want to shade him all blue hence the water lines (like you see on the 20 cent coin with the platypus on it.. another one of my favorite ozzie animals)

I thought I'd use this post to share another one of my attempts at drawing directly with markers instead of doing drafts with a pencil first... I called it the tree of life when looking for the photo and so that;s what i've named the art piece..

I am usually tempted to buy as many sets of charcoals, color pencils, markers, glitter pens etc. from discount stores even though I end up just about never using them. When I moved to here and donated most of the stuff I had, I gave away all of my coloring stationary... So when I bought this marker set from a discount store while I was waiting for the movie 'Her' to start, I was overjoyed.. so much so that on the way back home late at night I sat on the footpath and sampled the colors of each pen :D I hope I can curb my buying impulses and get only things I need this time in this city..

(btw I love the little bling thing that's come up in the photo because of the flash near the red pens.. adds extra cuteness factor to my tools ;)